Friday, July 18, 2014

Professionalism? Right.

♥Love & To Be Loved

The thought of my 2-years goddamn efforts gone down the drain kills me, let alone being appreciated for my contribution to the team. NIL!Regardless of such brutal ruthless fact, I couldn't help but felt fortunate enough to have a bunch of earnest colleagues though. And most of them weren't from my own team, how ironic tsk!

I'm dead chuffed to leave, literally.

Speaking of which, countdown 2 days to relocate to a mere unfamiliar foreign state. Well alright, not to the extend of a total strange place, considering that I visited Kayelle quite often, but still.. I believe living a hectic hustle-bustle life there ain't gonna be plain sailing for me. Like hey, I'm residing in Penang for 8 years and so, life here is so much laid-back and even tranquil.

We'll see how it goes once I touchdown during the weekends. Till then, toodles.