Saturday, July 5, 2014

mid n i g h t . r a n t s .

♥Love & To Be Loved

Recent life's been all bout farewells, meetups and whatnot; else wise i'll take a break and idle my times away by catching up long-due dramas, some pending reads.. and oh, my packing mission is ongoing!

Settling down in this utterly quaint island for almost 8 years, I found  myself struggling to make such harsh decision - to leave. Knowing there's so much to explore out there, me with my restless feet and free spirit learned that it's time to get my ass off my comfort zone and throw myself out there, somewhere.

It's rather ironic realizing that the reasons for me to leave is pretty much equivalent to the reasons for me to stay. A while ago, I was desperate to leave as the past memories were unbearably agonizing. And then some circles and acquaintances invaded my world and gave my life a delicate turn. So much fun, so much cares, so much loves.

Speaking of which, I'm so thankful and blessed for the thoughtful scrumptious treats and generous lavish drinking sessions to bid me farewell, be it from my close friends or long-lost ones. I truly appreciate the sincerity. After all, it's just Kayelle! 3 hours drive, an hour flight away. I'll be visiting Penang whenever I'm back at hometown, promise ;D

Let's not be strangers due to distance, shall we?