Sunday, January 9, 2011

♥Hello 2011 :)

How fast 2010 passed in a blink of eye. Although this might be ABIT late but HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS!! Looking back what I'd done on year 2010, and some remarkable events that happened which mould me to who I am today, I felt unbelievable that I've come so far. Anyway, hopefully it would be a greater year ahead and it's gonna be much awesome ;)

Well, I'm a fresh graduate now. Hence, in need of a job! GRRRR, to be honest, I don't feel any excitement. I wish I could graduate with my close friends L I don't even know where to graduate now. Stupid Inti, they don't even bother to held a graduation ceremony for us. WTF. So don't go Inti. I'm gonna miss campus life a lot sigh. Going classes with friends, sleep in class, attending all sorts of college events, rushing assignments together, burning midnight oil to prepare for finals together. Ahh, it sucks thinking I'm not gonna be able to join y'all for that anymore *tears*

And it feels good being at hometown again. Spending time with family & hanging out with hometown friends.But somehow I found myself already adapted to Penang life. I miss Penang heaps L All the scrumptious food, outings & night life. So it's the best if I could find a good job at Penang, it's almost like my second home already, only with more freedom & no curfew =X Teehee! This is so embarrassing, I'm 21 but my parents still treat me like I'm 12. Urghhh!

Speaking of family, it's not a really good year for us. We faced a lot, went through a lot. Even though it's difficult for us to go through such major changes, but the love we have for each others hold us together and we're able to support each others through the worse. We lost and we gained. I should be contented as long as we're still together, my beloved family beyond great. And for those people who put my family in this situation, thank you. Because of you, we realize much important stuff. That money is not everything. Thanks to you, we sisters become closer; we're stronger and independent nao. Nothing is more important than my family. Trust me, they're the one who will be with you FOREVER, through both good and bad. They're the one who will be the most forgiving and swallow down whatever hurtful things you've done to them with no doubts.

And I don't know whether it's me who growing older and my metabolism system is deteriorating, I'm gaining weights. And wtf IT'S SO FREAKING OBVIOUS! Somebody please slap me! I need motivation; I must cut down my consumption and do more exercise. I think it's because of my weights, I don't even like to take pictures of myself or shop. Can you believe me, a super shopaholic freak, don't crave for shopping?! -.-

Besides that, I've been single for like… a year plus? And I'd been so reluctant to be committed in a relationship due to some bad memories. So I kept myself unattached until I met him. I decided to give us a shot, sooo we're together. The fact is I think we're from different background and hence different thinking. I know there'll be obstacles in the future but I wish we could overcome all of those together. I believe conflicts come two-sided.And when it happens; you can't just ignore it and pretend nothing happened. Because when you don't solve it, it's just a matter of time that the same problem would arise again. So if you really care, you would give the best effort and patience to solve the problems. If he/ she doesn't, maybe he's just not that into you afterall. People are flawed, so there's no fairytale relationship with no conflicts at all. We just gotta accept that everyone makes mistakes, including myself. So what really matters is we admit the mistake, we learn, and we'll do whatever it takes to get things right. It's ironic how you take years to gain trust and confidence but it takes a second to ruin everything. So if you ruin something, fix it even though it takes times and efforts. I believe a relationship can be sustained if both parties want to.I made the choice, and I'm the one who has to deal with the consequences. But I know I'm not alone. I still have supports from you all. I'll take in the advises and I'll be clear of what I'm doing. Let's hope things would be better in the future. Oh well, I believe in just go with the flow. If it's yours, it'll be yours no matter how. If it's not, it'll slip through your fists no matter how hard you grasp it. But I won't give up easily because I might regret later on. So yeah, I'll try my best! No regret right? Pray for me loves!*grins*

P/S: thanks for calling me in the middle of the night to make sure I'm okay. I'm such a lousy friend sometimes. It's almost like you're always there for me all these years, been through everything with me and giving me strength. I feel bad because it's like I only remember you when I'm devastated.I feel even worse when you don't even mind. I promise I'll try to be a better friend for you! :D Happy new year!

Dear Mummy & Daddy,

Happy new year! I'm sorry for being a stubborn and not understanding daughter :'( I promise I'll be a better daughter in the future :) You're awesome parents! *huggiesss*

Dear Tong sister,

Thanks for being supportive all the way sis! I'm the worse sis ever, but you're still showering me with loves and cares :') I love you lots and stay with sis forever kay? Just so you know, you're the best sister ever! All the best in your academy!!! *huggiesss*

Dear Ting sis & Jun sis,

I love both of you wacky sisters! :) Jie promise to be a better sister in the future aite? Study hard!!! :D

Dear Friends,

What would I do without you all by my side? J I can't even bare such thoughts. It'd be awful! Thanks for sharing my joy and tears. Hopping around with me when there's good news, holding my hands & urged me on with encouraging words, wiping my tears& hugging me& telling me I'm stronger than this for what I went through before, lending me shoulders when I need someone to lean to. How could I forget all of these? How could I forget who help me comes this far? *tears* Oh, I'm missing you guys already. I love you guys!!!

Say bye to 2010! :)

XX! :) Much lurves, Caryne.


~noty_jimjim~ said...

hope everything go smooth for u in the new year..
add oil~!
hehe~ =)

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wah ! i super like this post! awesome and nice ! i like the way you write it ! =D Happy New Year ! =D

j_fish said...

Happy new year!!