Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥Forever Love :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I miss them.

Jaclyn, Justhrin, Vivian, Dayah, Abby! I miss you girls! :'(

I miss college life.

We attend classes together. And we joined interesting events organized in college together. See, we even dressed up exactly the same for the Horror Night!

June Choo. The one who always bring me around for food hunting all around Penang. The one who cares for me. The one who bring me for snow beer! :)

I miss hostel life.

I miss working part-time with my loves.

I miss my long hair.

I miss all the fun :'(

And I miss the life where everything is so simple :(

HAH! Tot I've forgot to mention about you right? :P
How can I forget? :)
My loverboy, Hendry Lim :)
P/s: Well, since we don't have a picture taken together YET! This is for temporary. We're gonna have alot of pics soon :)

XX! Much lurves, Caryne.