Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's okay if this love is not gonna stay alive. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hun, i know it's hard for you to let go.
The forgiveness you gave after all the disappointments.
The chances you granted him even though he left you in the cold.
It aint easy i know.

& it hurts when it doesnt work out eventually. Again and again.
The indescribable pain, like stabbing right into your heart with a sword.
Even worse, the pain never goes away.
Plus, what about the side effects?
You can't help but lose faith in love. More precisely, in guys.

I'm so sorry i can't be there to comfort you. :(
I just hate distance GAHHH!

Anyway, you know i always be there for you.
Just like what you always do for me :)
ILY & nothing is gonna change that.
How I wish i could give you the courage in order to aid you to move on.

I cant wait to see you tomorrow! Hugsss! :D
Looking forward for our outings weeee! :P
Muah muah MUAHHHH!

p/s: you know who you are, hun~ :)



tIan TiAn said...

hei hun,who were u talking bout?lol...anyway,i hope tat gal really can get out from all those pain and sadness.I bet she is very greatful tat she has such a nice,caring and loving hun like u..hehe.this post make me so touched la.LOL.thanx you thank you and thank you~~~muacksss