Thursday, January 14, 2010

♥According to me ! :D

♥Love & To Be Loved

Sis was so dispirited due to a random senior of hers.
Totally breaking my heart.
I feel like whacking the brainless senior , seriously.

Why? I tell you why.

Apparently this senior is someone who's like living in her own world, with her own rule, and act like a queen or something!
Sis said everybody is calling her 'dai ka jie'.
I know this is none of our business right? NOT until she told everyone that she hates my sis FOR NO REASON! she just hate her.
Oh please, girl, my sis doesnt know you. She never talk to you before just so you know!
so tell me, how she offended you?
Plus, you think you're likeable, adorable or popular? *rolling eyes*
So sorry lo, i dont think there's even one lo.
Hate someone innocent for no reason? That simply makes me feel like you're hateful :) (hmm, that sounds more like it haha)

Dear people, do you hate someone who never offend you, FOR NO REASON?
Not to mention you guys never talk before .

i was like jaw dropping when i heard this!
Like come on, 'Dai ka jie' ? *satiric smile*
Talk about old school.

And one more thing, if you're so-called 'dai ka jie', talk right in front of my sis's face laa! Dont go around telling these stupid stuffs behind her back!
Show your guts, bitch!
Rather, use your time wisely . I mean use your GO-AROUND-CRAPPING-PEOPLE-STUFFS time wisely :)

The fact is , we're Uni students and since you make it this level, i guess you are considered as erm, what? civilised man?
I mean, i can understand why kids who expelled from school turn into bully but hellooooo, you're USM student for god sakes!
Is your brain functioning? Oopsy, i suppose it's not :P

I am totally clueless of those servitudes !
Guys, you dont have to live under her shadow seriously!
She doesnt offer you anything and as if you guys owe her!
Modern society do not encourage hierarchy system. In fact, everyone is equal in front of law.
so yea.

p/s; girl, lemme me teach you something, since you're grown up, act like one. Bossing people around is so yesterday! So dont be a laughingstock! Settle things like a grown up. For instance, confront people if you have issue towards 'em instead of go do all sort of things behind their back. FYI, backstabbing is for immature kids.
Leave my sis alone.
Peace :)

pp/s: Sis, you know i love you right? :) Hugsss


I know it's not obvious but yea people, i dyed my hair!
OMFG, i swear to god, this is my first time dying my hair even tho i'm 20!
Well, sounds lame cause people might dye her hair for like N times at this age . I'm lame. i know.

I'm so excited and i dont know , i guess i kinda addicted to hair-dye?
It's fun! :D GAHHH