Sunday, January 3, 2010

♥ Happy 2010 !

♥Love & To Be Loved

Happy New Year yo! :)

I know this is pretty late but yea Randy, better late than never right?
May all of us have a magnificient year ahead.
More cashy cash, more lucks to ALL THE SINGLE PEOPLES, & hopefully 2012 is not world destruction laa. :P

You know i lurve you guys. :)

I've been partying too much recently .
That explained my abandoned blog. Poor thing :P

Mum is freaking unhappy with my random parties and outings so she found me a job.
Thanks mum? *rolling eyes*
FYI, i missed the breakfast gathering & movie with babes for god sakes.
Thanks to the job, duh!
Can't imagine how much updates i missed.

I'm not exaggerating cause these girls are freakish-ly up-to-date.
For instance, V missed alot due to her absence during new-year-eve-countdown celebration.
Btw, it was just few hours after she left.
So yea.

2010 New Year Resolution.

1. Slim down. (cause i know i never want to be in such a terrible funk for good.)

2. Gonna complete my last year with better results. (less facebook, hence more real books.)

3. A trip with babes. (still planning but i hope this can be achieved.)

4. A loverboy. (Cause i so envy V that's she got hers alrd lol !)

-That's all i can think of right now. Will add more to the list soon. :) -

p/s; i'm getting rounder & rounder for this holidays. I said i have no chin anymore but chris said i have double chin wtffff! Serious shit, no more joking. I'm gonna stop craving for scrumptious yet high-carbs food and exercise more. Hopefully laa. :S



piggy~babe*vivi said...

you siao po...wanna mention my sang xin shi anot? left few hours earlier than i freaking missed all those updates..later i got anything dun wanna tell you de ar..baru you noe..and wat dun wan take high carbs food, juz now when i suggest we order french fries who goes : YES I WAN!!! hahahahaha..siao dear

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

hahahaha ! cannot wor dear. it's like law that you must tell me anything!!!

so you cannot break the law oh, otherwise, you ll know the severe consequences ! :P