Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ain't Having Good Times Here. :(

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

FOR THE RECORD, peeps, i flunk my FIM.
Great, my mum is sooooooooooo gonna kill me!
Keep my fingers crossed and hoping that i might work wonders. :(

Speaking of which, i have NO IDEA that angmoh can be so kiasu?
Like, hey, y'all got the best lecturer, but what about us?
Literally saying, we are completely self-taught!
Hell yeah, for all the bloody 20 chapters!
Hence talking about UNFAIR!

Having final for these weeks caused me bad skin days & bad hair days.
Pics will do the proofs. Sigh~

Girls, i cant wait to get all dolled up and hang out with y'all after final! XD
Imagining about it already make me excited! :D

P/S; people, just keep your fingers crossed for me! T.T
V, ILY so much, do you know about that? :)
I miss you already.

That's it, then.
Until next time.