Monday, June 16, 2014

My prep talk to me myself.

♥Love & To Be Loved

They say, life ain't always pretty. True that.

Life seems so perfectly intact for a moment, yet tomorrow is unpredictable. It could remain as a whole or goes utterly shattered into pieces.

I had fought so hard I thought all my battles had been won, only to find the upcoming wars to encounter. That the peace and serenity are far off to attain.

I couldn't take another word of I am strong enough to take another blow and get over it. I'm sheer drained by being all toughen up on the outside to disguise the fact that the inside of me is downright ruined wrecks.

I'm locking you out, I'm locking myself up.

Despite the chaos, I'm glad I've accepted the offer to start fresh. And I'm looking forward for my broken self to be healed, to be revamped and to be fearless again.

Till then, toodles.

And yes, another vacay would help too :)