Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Imma unicorn - part 2!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Traveling is addictive. My dearest mom always complain that I can't stay put at a certain place and I tend to move around frequently, which is true.

Hong Kong is rather a common place for everyone to visit and it was a truly magical & an impressive experience for me. It almost feel like I was living in the HK drama world which I'm so obsessed with. And the funniest part was, I couldn't stop blabbering about the scenes in the HK drama where they kept the hostage abducted or where they pay ransom proposed whenever our Hongkie buddies were trying to show us around this pretty island. HAHA! I was lucky enough they found it interesting & funny instead of annoying! Oh well, you can't really blame me on that right. I bet everyone feels the same way as me, no? *grins*

I found Hong Kong is an amusing place whereby the preserved ancient Chinese traditional lifestyles coexist with the outstanding advanced modern city. And I will never ever understand their incredible quick-footed physical strength as I had much ado to adapt/cope with their hustle-bustle vigorous vibe.

I couldn't agree more that Hong Kong is, beyond doubt, a city of light. From the most memorable bright neon lights illuminate the busy streets, the magnificent urban city's night scene at the top of peak Hong Kong to exceptionally spectacular shows of color lights and lasers by the pearl harbor, none of these failed to take my breath away.

And speaking of theme park, after a tour in HK Disneyland, I swear I'm going to the one in Tokyo & California in the future!! I don't need to explain further how amazing this place is as the well-known Disney slogan says it all - where all the dreams come true! But I think HK Disneyland theme park site and the amusement park was somewhat limited and smaller if were to compare with the others.

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy!


I want to run and roll on the street cos I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDDD !
*eh hem only if I'm crazy enough to do so & nobody gonna think I'm nuts lol!*

We're going into the FUTURE!

I've a lousy competitor -.- Find me someone more professional please lol.

Awaiting a great show from Micky and his friends!

And it seriously took my breath away!

And unexpected surprises here and there! LOOK! Donald duck and goofy appeared right beside me!


Lilo & Stitch were too cute!

And when I saw all these dreamy bubbles emerged out of nowhere, I knew the next act surely would be Ariel!

Beautiful story of beauty & the beast.

So magical and beautiful!

THE END. *encore pls!*

Waiting for 4D animation! And yes, I had 2 3D specs on my neck LOL

Breathtakingly magnificient!

Aww too beautiful! Another encore plssss!

And the I-doesnt-wanna-leave face lol.

Superbly yummylicious breakkie!

Considering how delicate and fine detailed the outcome is, it is almost unbelievable for this to be carved on real pumpkins. BUT IT WAS!

All handmade and carved on real pumpkins.

Still found all these unbelievable? The genius behind all these masterpiece!
Love love LOVE his tattoos on his neck and arms.

Too many to post and I've got another set of pictures from my friend's E600D with super lens hah! 
I'm too excited and I figured I shall post all in 3rd batch. Please bear with me and I shall be posting up all very soon!

Much loves, Caryne!


HenRy LeE said...

Must be so nice to be there! I wanna go there too :D

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