Friday, June 25, 2010

♥Honey, you, you are so yesterday.

I've been going out like non-stop once my final ended.

The final ended on 21st afternoon, and we went out straightaway!

Talk about efficiency ;)

Well, I deserve it. After all the hard works & craps.

Study week is deadly Holy crap!

I felt like I'm a walking zombie.

I barely able to sleep.

Let's see, stay up late to study until 3AM, and then wake up at freaking 7AM to go through everything again.

So yea, now you know why.

Anyway, I'm gonna spam my poor abandoned bloggie with lotsa various random outings pichas once I got 'em all!

Too bad there were some dramas going on, & I couldn't hang out with ma babe, Jac!

We used to stick together, hang out together, as a conclusion, doing everything together.

Not to mention partay together after final!

Hmm, that's so not us.

I couldn't tell how much I miss her. Feeling sad right nao.

I hope there isn't a gap between us :(

♥ The lurve.


I'm so going again! So who's in? ;)

Sleepover at June's is funnn! :)

We spent a lot of times together & she's such a sweet babe aww.

I know you appreciate me babe, and so do I.

♥ DSLR + Maxi dress!

♥Crazy us in pyjamas. & yea, that's me w/o makeup at all.

Apparently there's a hater who commented on my blog post judging my appearance & saying I fool everyone by all the fake pichas I posted.

Whatever. I admit I do look different before & after I makeup.

I admit I look like crap when I'm at college cause I'm lazy to dress up. Plus why should I? I'm attending classes, not party. Hellooooo?

Seriously, if you hate me, just get the hell out of my blog. You could always comment, but learn the friendly way please.

Well, that's all for the brief update.

Till next time!


p/s: I have my bang cut wtf it looks so fugly cause it's way too short! :/


~noty_jimjim~ said...

dun go peduli those brainless ppl tat dunno the meaning of respect lu...
i see u r having fun since ur final ended..
so syok~!! ^^

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

/jim/ haha thankssss! :) i try to ignore already.
haha indeed. i'm so tired after all random outings hmmm :P

what about you? how's life?

~noty_jimjim~ said...

i din hav holiday yet...
jz start new semester..
super sien n super stress lor..