Friday, May 7, 2010

♥ I’m a dead meat!

I think I flunked my Corp Finance mid-term test day.

I lost 35/100 marks! LIKE OHMYGAWDDD!

It was seriously a careless mistake!

I still can't get it.

Why Corp Finance has to be soooo freaking difficult?!

I cracked my head while doing the test!

No kidding.

Then, wtf I left my Nike tumbler SOMEWHERE, obviously I don't know where I lost it!

And yea it lost!

My Nike tumbler is lost!

Now I have to use my large Starbucks tumbler!

Not that I don't like it, but it's very cumbersome to carry such big tumbler around!

Can kindly return my tumbler? T.T

Next, haven't finished all the revisions for AIS mid-term test tomorrowwwww!

While we shall score this subject!

FML!!! x123,038,435,556,849

p/s: What happened to me?
Why am i feeling so unhappy recently?
I'm so lost.



~noty_jimjim~ said...

hey gurl..
cheer up la..
work hard for 2moro lu~

piggy~babe*vivi said...


all the best!!!!