Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whoops, back to Inti! :p

ll♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hooray for the starting course
Or else, i tend to mould at home already.
You see, holiday is great.
But 4 months?! Talking 'bout boredom!

Speaking of my new roommate, well um, I dont really like her.
And i hate gettin' a roommate that i cant get along with! ><
Enough said.

I am really going to send my lappie for repair!
It's driving me nuts.

Went queensbay mall like more than 5 times in 3 days.
How cool are us? XD

Watched Pink Panther with bffs, Junie and Jac~
The movie was absolutely hilarious that most of the time we burst into laughters.
Technically saying, THE WHOLE CINEMA did. *rofl*

My Doreen Darling is flying Aussie this Friday.
What a rush decision!
I'm distinctly to part with her but it's her future so i'll always support and pray for her!
Darling, always remember that i'll be there for you.
In fact, all of your good friends over here will back you up no matter what!
Do not fear, let's us give mutual support and inspiration to each others even though we're far apart ya~

Jiayi darling faced disappointment in love.
Surprisingly, she can really think rationally and in the end she gets over.
She moves on with her life in high spirit.
She enjoys her campus life and guess what, she's going to a party this friday!
Be confident, my dear.
I know you deserve a better soulmate~
I love you and you know you can talk to me anytime you want! Tsk tsk.
Miss ya lots!

As for me myself, getting into degree level implied the greater pressures and much more complex courses to be handle.
In order to do well, a whole lot of effort and great perseverance are in need!
Work it out, Caryne! *wink*