Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Happy new year dolls! How was everyone's new year celebration or the celebration still prolongs until now? ;)

Life was falling apart few weeks back, for that point of my life, I felt like I lost everything I treasure, got my heart broken pretty bad and I let my emotions taking over me. I am way too stubborn and persistent, good and bad, whenever I encountered difficulty in my life, I tend to take the unnecessary pains to study the insoluble problems. Only until I hit the dead end, that's when I've quite grasped the situation.

After struggling in the same pace for so long, I finally accept the fact that at some points of my life, there's a possibility that people that you thought was a keeper gonna hurt you so much. All you can do is to forgive and forgo. When you do, you'll be able to turn around and face the broken piece of your life and be thankful to those people you've met throughout the course of your life. Because of them, you've opened your heart. They're somehow important to you that you're willing to be vulnerable by exposing yourself to them. Yes, you've got hurt, but I believe in one way or another it helps to build your character and enhance your inner strength.

I'm glad I took the initiative to head down to his place and had a talk, face to face.

When my life is in a mess and my heart couldn't take another single matter anymore, I isolate myself. Being in my own world with Lana Del Rey's voice playing at the background, disengaged from the crowds. Its like giving a break to my soul and sanity. I've lost cos I let myself to drown in this pain. I allow the devil inside me to takeover. But after being alone and calming myself, I feel cheerful and carefree, like the positive side of me re-emerged. Instead of hold onto something that doesn't belong to me anymore, I chose to let go for my main purpose is for everyone I adore to be happy. Everyone deserves happiness and to search for their ultimate one-and-only soulmate. I pray... :)

Now I'm able to tell someone who's going through the same thing 'Been there, done that'. But I survived and transformed into a better person. If you feel hurt, cry and breakdown as much as you can. Crying doesn't indicate you're weak, it only means you're being tough for way too long. So don't bottle up your emotions.  Cry when you feel sad ; laugh out loud when you're happy ; smile when you feel blissful.

Even though life might seems hopeless and puzzled, but heads up! Do not let anything dull your spirits. Whatever happened in your life, let it be good or bad, they happen for a reason. At the end of the day, every single thing is going to fall perfectly in place.

Beautiful dinner with my loves. 
Even though not all of them will be in the pictures but you know who you are.
I'll post up the rest very soon. I promise.


With much loves, Caryne. X.


~noty_jimjim~ said...

be strong~!
all the best for the brand new year~~